First Year Wedding Anniversary

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Today marks our first year of marriage. It was one year ago that I signed a marriage contract with my now husband of one year. And today, we have this small human being as part of our family. A little boy we named Eisa.


Remember our engagement story here?

It was a  remarkable moment of a lifetime.

Now I can truly say no marriage is perfect, ours is a work in progress and always will be. We will always be a different individual from one another. The most important thing is that we are both working together to have our little family intact.

This year we also celebrate our many firsts in our little family unit. First Father's Day, Mother's Day, first Christmas, among many others.

I am blessed that I am gifted with marriage and family.

And because daddy is at work, Eisa and I had a few pictures taken.




First Painting on Canvas Entitled "Element of Journey"

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I have been playing with colors as of late in between household duties, breastfeeding, and looking after my son Eisa.

I have acrylic paints and have been thinking about yellow, black, red all together in one piece of art. So I went with abstract. I bought myself a canvas in wooden frame, prepped it by applying gesso, let it dry for a couple of hours and then I started layering it in different colors.

Also picked a name, and I have chosen "Element of Journey".


Why Tiki-tiki Plus for Baby Food Supplement?

Friday, March 4, 2016


My little one has recently turned one month old.And I have been doing my personal research what to supplement his diet aside from my breastmilk.

Then Tiki-tiki Plus comes into the picture.

I should note that this particular is a Philippine product and is common in Philippine households with babies and highly recommended by fellow mommies.


I feel comfortable that it provides my baby the following nutrition:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B3
Vitamin E
Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B12

And since he is only one month, I give him 0.25 ml as per suggested use.

To my fellow mommies, what supplements you give your little ones with? Let me know in the comments section.

This post is not sponsored and is only my personal preference. You may consult a medical professional if you wish to supplement your baby's diet.

Tiny Toes Arrival

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Baby Face Expression
Eisa at two weeks

This little man is now officially two weeks old. And I just can't have enough of him. He is still so little for tight cuddles but this first time momma just want to hold him long enough until my arms ache.

I am breastfeeding him and he feeds like a little monster. Like hungry all the time. Though he just fed half hour ago. I will be pumping breastmilk for him maybe until he's one or two years old maybe. We will see as we go along.

Friends, meet my first-born, our family's little bundle of joy... Eisa.

He was born on 31st January 2016 weighing 7.5 lbs via normal delivery.

Baby Faces
Facial Transformation When Hungry
This is how he wakes up from his naps.

Eventually cries for milk, milk, milk!!! Where's my milk??? LOL.

I love you my baby. I am so happy I have you... you make me a happy momma.

January Engagement

Monday, January 26, 2015


I am welcoming the first month of the year with all the positive vibes and we will start off with an engagement.

Just because, I have just become engaged!

It happened so fast that I feel like am walking on the clouds when he told me he wants to marry me.

I think I have managed to stay calm while we were going through every tidbits of our lives in that five-hour long conversation first official date with my now fiancé.

Our couple story is a bit of a strange one among our friends as they didn't see it coming. Honestly, I didn't see it coming too.



Ours is not a unique story though.

According to our company CFO who is originally from India, most of successful marriages in India are arranged by families. Couples who are initially total stranger from each other.

My fiance's take on the matter is that it's like we were engaged in a traditional Arab way. 

In comparison though to the now relationship that me and fiance have - we are not a total stranger to each other. My own sets of friends are his friends for more than a decade. Oddly enough that we didn't meet all these years. He then said that maybe this is the right time that we will meet.






How it started...

My man and I were introduced by a common friend on a yacht party. He was in fact being matched to another friend so we only had a very small amount of chit-chat that time.

Later on through our common friend he found me on facebook and sent me a friend request. I didn't want to be rude since he's a friend of a friend and he's been a very good host at the yacht party so I felt obliged to accept.

Never would I imagine I will meet him 4 months later to talk about ourselves including how we lead our own private lives and different lifestyles.

We clicked immediately after our first official date and everything followed through shortly after that in a fast-paced manner. Much to our own separate sets of closest friends and family's surprise. Our minds connected easily.

In two weeks time we got everything covered from the engagement ring, to house hunt, and the paperwork related to our wedding is in process.

My system is still in shock. But you know the feeling, your gut tells you that you have in front of you the person that you want to be with for the rest of your life.

He is not perfect, nor am I. No one is.

But we made a commitment to each other.

We are two different people that will do our very best to weather the storm and face different seasons of life all through out, together.

Our first date was at Souk Madinat Jumeirah by Trader Vics. We agreed to meet at 12 noon time but because I was in a welcome event the previous night I woke up really late and sore from previous night's dancing so I reached our meeting place exactly 1 pm.

He ordered a duck dish which is already off the menu while I had grilled salmon.

While we were chatting over lunch, I closely observed him. In front of me is a smart man. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. Intellect teamed up with guts is my perfect recipe.

We are both ready to build real love. The kind of love to survive the test of time, distance, sandstorms, typhoons and everything else.

Eventually love will be built and be given in full to the right partner who will reciprocate the same while respecting each personal choices and individuality.

What draw me close to him.

I looked into his eyes, and they are full of hope. Hope for all things positive. It's so beautiful as if looking through his soul that I could get lost in his stare.

My decision to not be involved with any man after my last relationship had an exactly 180 degrees turn. Or maybe it was my subconscious telling me that all this while this man has it all to be my lifetime partner.

And this man right in front of me wants to marry me on our first official date together.

Everybody (well, mostly) thinks I'm crazy... I'd say I'm taking the risk to be with someone who knows how to party and yet knows how to treat a woman so dearly as well.

The same day we made a commitment to work things out before things start be thrown at us. It is when our minds meet coupled with understanding that no one is perfect. He has his colorful past and I have mine too.

I now know that it's easy to fall for him. A man who wants nothing but the best for me.



As the day goes by, I quickly grown fondness of him. Noticeable as well is the affection I have immediately developed for him.

We are getting to know each other better on daily basis. And his close friends speak highly of him.

Today I have instilled into my being these magical words for our relationship.

Acceptance. Forgiveness. Love.

To my lifetime partner Shareef, my husband-to-be, my partner in crime.

Dress: Thrift Cotton Black Dress
Earrings: Gift by Annabelle Guerrero she kindly brought all the way from Philippines as pasalubong

P.S. We got the engagement ring from Bhansali Jewellery. The lady manager Rica Bhansali has kindly helped and assisted us to pick the right ring considering our preferences. We finally set on a 4-prong solitaire diamond ring in 18k white gold setting.

A Very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas ALL!

Back in my hometown in Bicol called Nabua, there's this small village (barangay) called Topas Proper. It is here where I grew up and had fond memories of Christmas celebrations.

Almost two decades decades later.

My 5-year old niece Venus prepared few gifts for cousins that she happily distributed to and eager to respond with her "You're welcome" after recipient says "Thank You". And chatting away with cousins with her mixed language of Rinconada, Tagalog and English. By the way, cousins are same too so they together surely get along well.

I'm here in Dubai doing my usual work while talking to my mom what she's bought from the nearby grocery store to cook for noche buena. This kind of conversation makes me miss home. The slow life, everything simple.

Our Dubai noche buena comprises of home delivery KFC chicken bucket, ham and apple sprinkled with cinnamon, spaghetti and Filipino style fruit salad.

What I was up to lately...

How to tie the perfect bow on a gift, every time! by Dana of MADE Everyday ( I used her technique and it really works! ) I'm just ecstatic I found her youtube video in time for Christmas!

Also, been thinking to remake her DIY Lantern

I confess I stalk Il Divo online, and been repeteadly playing their youtube video singing Si Tu Me Amas

This arm workout from Dyan Castillejo

Lost. I just can't pick any other word. Feeling lost in nowhere doing Bachata routine while listening to Huey Dunbar's Yo Si Me Enamore. His music soothes my soul.

And lastly, though I signed up Twitter back in 2012, it's only lately that I get around of actually using it. And to be honest, I find it user friendly and I have immediately made new friends, yay!

There you go my friends, I wish you all the happy spirit of Christmas and togetherness!

Spare Room To Share

Sunday, December 14, 2014



Big windows. And you see that cupboard too? For you to use.



That's right.

We are looking for the right person or two to occupy this room. You see it has attached bathroom. It is a nice, simple beautiful room in a three-bedroom apartment in a clean and well maintained building. A little dated, yes. But hey, it's just beautiful. This room could be converted into a studio as well. Maybe a sewing small studio, or a pole dancing studio (hello?!)






The apartment is fully furnished. Common area to watch TV. Shared kitchen facility - gas cooking range (4-burners, oven, grill) washing machine, 2-door refrigerator and other kitchen utensils.

And of course, it has internet. Very important among other things. 10 mbps speed.

Powered by government electricity.

You may ask how much is the rent-share? AED 2,400 per month. Only. Equivalent to USD 654.

Location: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St. next to Toyota Showroom walking distance to Safeer Mall

Map Coordinates: 25°23'20.2"N 55°26'54.1"E

Interests you? Email me here

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